How to Paste and Share Your Text, Links, or Code Snippets?

To start, go to the submit page and type the content you wish to publish in the large textbox. This can be a list of links, just text or a mixture of both.

Textarea Required. Paste your content here. You can paste text/links or code snippets.
Title Title for your paste. For an untitled paste leave blank.
Type Check this option if your paste type is a code snippet such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP or other programming languages.
Visibility Check this option to hide your paste anywhere on the site, and make it not indexed by search engines. Only you and those who know this paste address can access it.
Custom URL Lets you set your own URL for your paste.
It'll look like this:

Your custom URL must be at least 3-10 characters. You won't be able to use any custom URLs that have been used before!
This is an optional feature, you can ignore it if you'd like a shorter automatically created URL.
PassCode (Required code for editing) No more or less than 6 characters. Giving a PassCode here allows you to make changes to this paste at a later date. If you do not give a PassCode now this paste can never be changed.
Password (Password protection) It can't be more than 32 characters or less than 6 characters. Protect your paste with a password. Someone or you will not be able to read the paste before unlock it with an password.

Sample paste with password protection:
(Enter password 123456 to unlock it).
Message (Custom Message for Password protection) It can't be more than 200 characters or less than 32 characters. Only work if you use password protection for your paste. This allow you to use your own message as a warning that the paste is password protected.

Sample password protected paste with a custom message:
(Enter password 123456 to unlock it).

Default message is:
This content is password protected!
To view it please enter your password below:
You can replace it with any message you want, eg:
To view this content please donate $10 usd to my paypal address and follow my twitter account @testaccount. thank you!
Useful for anyone who can use this feature to get paid or rewarded by selling their post passwords 🤑 🤑 .