How to Paste and Share Your Text, Links, or Code Snippets?

To start, go to the submit page and type the content you wish to publish in the large textbox. This can be a list of links, just text or a mixture of both.

 Tips:  To format text or links (change size, color, set anchor link text) please open the Text and Link Formatter page.

A. Inserting a code snippet on your paste

Select this option if your paste is a code snippet such as PHP Script, HTML Code, JavaScript, CSS or a mixture of plain text and the code snippet.

There are 2 options you can choose from:

1. Auto Mode: All of your pasted content will be highlighted with the code syntax highlighter, including if there is plain text in it.

Example :

2. Manual Mode: This will separate the plain text and code snippets in your paste. But to make this work, you have to separate it manually.

You can use BBCode [code] Insert your code here [/code] or [pre] Insert your code here [/pre] or click the "Code" button to insert the code snippet.

Example :

B. Paste or write any content  []

Textarea: Required. Paste your content here. You can paste text/links or code snippets.

C. Set a title for your paste  []

Title: Title for your paste. For an untitled paste leave blank.

D. Set custom url as your paste link  []
Lets you set your own URL for your paste.

It'll look like this:

Your custom URL must be at least 3-10 characters. You won't be able to use any custom URLs that have been used before!

This is an optional feature, you can ignore it if you'd like a shorter automatically created URL.

E. Set a PIN Code to edit paste at a later date  []

PIN Code: (PIN Code required when making changes later) No more or less than 6 characters. Giving a PIN Code here will allow you to make changes to this paste at a later date. If you don't provide a PIN Code now, this paste will never be changed.

F. Lock your paste with a password protector  []
Password: (Password protector) It can't be more than 32 characters or less than 6 characters. Possibility to set a password which is required to read the paste. It further protects a paste and prevents people stumbling upon your paste's link from being able to read it without the password.

Sample paste with password protector:
(Enter password 123456 to unlock it).

G. Giving a custom Info for password protected paste  []
Custom Info (Custom info for password protected paste) No more than 200 characters or less than 32 characters. Only works if you have set a protective password for your paste. This will allow you to set your own info on why your paste is locked by password or what someone has to do to get your paste password.

Sample password protected paste with a custom info:
(Enter password 123456 to unlock it).

Default info is:
This content is password protected!
To view it please enter your password below:
You can replace it with any info you want, eg:
To view this content please donate $10 usd to my paypal address and follow my twitter account @testaccount. thank you!

You can use this feature as a way to get paid from anyone who needs a password to view your paste. 🤑 🤑 .

H. Auto delete your paste after a certain number of views  []

Auto Delete: Specify (in numeric format, at least 3). This will automatically delete your paste once the maximum number of views is reached. For example, you specify it after 10 views, then your paste will be automatically deleted after 10 views.

Use it only if you want to create a temporary paste. Use at your own risk.
Or leave it blank to disable it.

I. Hide your paste from public access  []

Hidden: Check this option to hide your paste anywhere on the site, and make them not indexed by search engines. Only you and those who know the paste's link can access it.
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